ALDI Catalogue - 24/05-30/05/2023 (Page 2)

minion turals kes serving suggestion chocolate lunchers chocolate crisp smell movie munchies no- por crackle sriracha flavoured తది belmon peanut belmont car whe more fun doms pof logen 89⁰ charoos microwave popcorn 100g extra butter per 100g peanut cookies belmont biscuit co peanut cookies 175g pork excele pork totech $2⁹⁹ blackstone pork crackle 75g himalayan salt or sriracha mong fom 520 swakes pretzel twists $1⁹9 sprinters pretzel twists 200g bullets dominion naturals liquorice bullets 250g num munchers $2⁹⁹ dairy fine munchers 180g chocolate or peanut malteser snickers fonsi mars eltora tora corn chips 230g cheese extreme carto wheels belmont biscuit co cart wheels 200g common dominion naturals party mix 120g dominion naturals snakes 520g mars assorted original or no sugar $1.55 per litre you'll be wrapped with our gift cards available now in store available every day