ALDI Catalogue - 24/05-30/05/2023 (Page 3)

aldi super savers save loc $32⁹ save 50x value pack shapes originals bar ven taked onset protein bars 30g protein barbecu bar protein protein bar compe com protein bar for even better value on our already in store for our aldi super savers value pack shapes originals chiches crims casper isse ad andare sanger vry om save 50c $5.4⁹ value pack oven baked shapes originals pizza indulge salted caramel fudge indulge creme brulee indulge vanilla caramel & choc browne chocolate sary care save $1 $2⁹⁹ lemon baby care orange poppyseed mary care the cake stall baby cakes 300g lemon chocolate of orange & poppyseed save $3 $23⁹⁹* men squire laulfa lashes mit james squire save 20 $1⁹⁹ diplomat pure green tea club cheddar emporium selection original club cheddar 235g $19.11 per kg save $1 $10.⁹⁹ piedra negra reserve malbec 750ml lots to share allen's sukes aliv save $1 $2⁹⁹ lots to share allen's yoğuri de to th mango save loc yoğuri smin spre $129 passionfruit yoguri yogurt 170g mango or passionfruit save $2 $6.⁹9 el toro macho reserva 750ml ald