Black Friday Sales Australia 2021

Black Friday shopping is a global pastime that lets companies treat customers with the promotions they deserve. Are you curious about Black Friday history? Or are you wondering what Black Friday 2021 is, and why it is called Black Friday?

Whether you have these questions or others pertaining to the day of deals, this article is right for you. This article will review the basics of the holiday along with where you can get the best deals in Australia, including K-mart, Sephora, Apple, Dyson Black Friday and more!


Popular Black Friday Stores

Harvey Norman catalogue
Repco catalogue
ALDI catalogue
Coles catalogue
The Good Guys catalogue
BIG W catalogue
Woolworths catalogue
Tupperware catalogue
IGA catalogue
Fantastic Furniture catalogue
Kmart catalogue
JB Hi-Fi catalogue

What is Black Friday?

The term originated in Philadelphia, PA to describe the floods of people that would ensue after the big American Army-Navy football game and the shoplifters that would take advantage of the chaos. Eventually, the term was reinvented, and retailers turned the Black Friday date into a good thing.

Isn’t it amazing that this holiday started in a city in an average-sized state and travelled around the world so easily? What are the odds that Australia would be taking part in American history.

Most retailers don’t even know about this dark history anymore. They only know the day for Meyer, Target, Ikea, Nike, JB Hifi Black Friday, and more. It used to be that you had to shop in person to take advantage of all of the insanely low prices. You would then have to shop Cyber Monday to get online deals. Today though, most stores participate in the holiday digitally as well.

When is Black Friday in 2021?

Uniquely, this holiday does not always fall on the same day. In 2018, it took place on November, 23. In 2019, it happened about a week later on November, 29. This year, it will take place on November 26, 2021. If you’re someone who likes to plan in advance, we can provide you with a convenient chart.




November 23rd


November 29th


November 27th


November 26th


November 25th


November 24th


November 29th

It’s never too early to start thinking about when you might be able to shop the BCF, Rebecca, or Mecca Black Friday. In fact, by planning ahead, you can ensure that you save enough money to get everything you might need for the winter holidays that shortly follow.

What Should I Buy on Black Friday?

There is truly no limit to what you should consider when purchasing on the holiday. Some items that are traditionally purchased on this day are:

  • Televisions and other large electronics;
  • Christmas presents for loved ones;
  • Holiday decorations and specialty items;
  • Gym memberships and other services; and
  • Home equipment such as blenders or treadmills.

Today though, pretty much every respected retailer around the world participates in the savings opportunities. After all, they would not get a piece of the action if they didn’t. Whether you are looking to buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday or just some household essentials, there is an extremely strong chance that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at a highly discounted rate.

Intelligent and savvy buyers will take advantage of the day to stockpile. It makes sense to hold off on purchasing things, and then to buy everything in bulk on November 27th this year. That way, you’ll save not only on things you don’t need but things you do as well.

Where to Find the Best Black Friday deals in Australia

A lot of the stores with the biggest doorbuster events have already been listed, however, some others include Rebecca, Big W, Good Guys, Anaconda, Harvey Norman, and Rebel Sport Black Friday. If none of these big names sounds appealing to you, don’t give up just yet.

Odds are, your favourite retailer will provide you with some type of sale, even if it’s not as big as others. Your Black Friday catch of the day is out there somewhere! All you have to do is put a little elbow grease into finding it.

As briefly mentioned before, retailers are beginning to merge Cyber Monday and Black Friday into one single shopping event. One of the most common types of sales events you’ll see is a 3-day long % off that spans over the course of the weekend, ending on Monday night. This will especially come in handy this year if you would prefer to shop online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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