Camera House Catalogue - 01/02-28/02/2021 (Page 13)

videography for the budding film maker with an explosion in high quality video functionality built in to most of our mirrorless cameras and a huge array of peripheral products to and stability options abound in all of our stores and talk to one of our in house experts top tips for vloggers • stability is vital to a smooth flowing and a top quality tripod monopod or gimbal will be a valuable addition to your kit • avoid unnecessary zooms and pans and plan your transitions and individual scenes with a view that they all have to stitch together • lighting your subject can set the tone of your video footage but make sure you don't change the lighting effect as you transition between shots • audio is the most often overrated but critical component to a successful piece of video footage - avoid external noise and place the microphone to best capture your subject immerse yourself and play with interesting shots and know that videography is a great vehicle for creative expression and capturing a mood accessories for your videography phone not included røde camera not included røde tripper content creator video kit includes ring light microphone & stand phottix m200rgb pocket led light li-pol powerbank rode wireless go compact wireless microphone with rode lavalier go mic available in black & white zhlyun-tech crane gimbal stabiliser camerahouse