Camera House Catalogue - 01/02-28/02/2021 (Page 3)

landscape photography every landscape image tells a story so look for content that you think may interest an observer over time the beauty and play of light across a landscape can add a huge amount of impact and really unwrap the mood and personality of a place top tips for landscape photography in a studio - lighting is a lot more controllable so start inside if you can and play with your lighting to deliver the desired effect shallow depth of field is important and allows you to capture memorable small details play with your composition to set the mood and capture the moment focus on your subjects but be aware of the movement around them if you are outside them ha as you never know what will pop up accessories for your landscape photography save $100 from $5995 from $9995 promaster remote shutter cable release promaster uv hgx prime filter promaster circular polariser hgx prime filters promaster xc-m 522ck professional carbon fibre tripod kit camerahouse