Camera House Catalogue - 02/03-05/04/2020 (Page 4)

action photography => action photograph one of the trickiest shooting challenges is fast moving subjects at a distance to be able to convey speed and freeze a moment in time takes infinite patience action shot or a dramatic reaction you will know that it's all worth it the gear you select can assist greatly with the seamlessness of capturing the perfect image and expert advice is invaluable know where the action is know the context and if you are shooting sports or fast movement spend some time understanding when like a baseline in tennis or a wave break in surfing are relatively predictable and if you pay attention to what's going on around you it will greatly assist when the moment strikes your subject and composition planning the shot that no one else has can add immense interest and dimension to your photography capturing faces in a crowd or playing is more impactful than a frontal aspect when everyone else is shooting and more importantly allows you to discover more and have more fun action top tips anticipate the movement of your subject to the subject gear - consider lenses and shutter speed you have a stable shooting platform 'make all the difference in writing images

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