Camera House Catalogue - 29/03-02/05/2021 (Page 4)

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panasonic shoot local with camera house lumix panasonic lumix g100 with 12-32mm lens + tripod grip the primary focus of the g100 is to empower vloggers influencers and social media natives to take their content video and intelligent ozo audio recording 4k af lpixell weight lscreen mega eftpos card via redemption ends april 30 video licht deal time lcd tracking lumix lumix gh5 mega pixel mega pixel eftpos card via redemption ends april 30 eftpos card via redemption ends april 30 bop frames per sec video axis dual is save $300 axis is save $100 lschen panasonic lumix gh5 body over a billion colours and four times the tonality of 8-bit the lumix s5 provides exceptional photo and video performance for needs of modern videography and creative expression lumix lumix lumix lumix leica leica save $130 save $100 panasonic lumix tz-90 silver the tz-90 is a 'travel zoom pocket-friendly camera this ultra-wide-angle 24mm lens extends to 720mm at the telephoto end and high speed burst capture at up to 9fps panasonic lumix tz-220 black premium camera delivers impressive performance and versatility blue jltooth חר חר חר חר mega fup video weather lcd lpixell jlproof l screen pixell zoom lcd screenj l wir mega lpixell zoom video mega