Chemist Warehouse Catalogue - 11/03-24/03/2021 (Page 2)

wellness this month welness under the radar shines a spotlight on the illness words liz mcgrath cid family matters in this issue "having the diagnosis and knowing what we were dealing with was a relief the kids still remains a challenge and one i hope will change with time "it's a good idea to get advice from an accredited practising dietitian when you're first diagnosed to help come up with a plan that fits with your life so you can stay symptom-free." dr vidgen says guy and jules sebastian how they maintain their fun but hectic lifestyle playing with erth mum janine jackson-turner knew something was wrong with her normally well-behaved son jake when he was only eight "we were getting comments from his teacher that he often lacked focus and the ability to complete tasks.' janine 'we thought it might be related to and so took him back to a specialist "after blood tests highlighted iron he had coeliac disease young age was the first symptom as lactose intolerance is a frequent side effect." screening revealed jake's younger and the family now follows a strict gluten-free diet autoimmune disease where eating gluten leads to damage in the small bowel the genetically linked illness can develop at any age and affects men and women 'coeliac disease is an intolerance rather than an allergy and so it won't have an immediate life-threatening response like a nut or seafood allergy" queensland university of technology senior lecturer in nutrition and dietetics helen vidgen says "instead you're more likely to have gastro-intestinal symptoms such as and stomach cramps "this can still be serious because continuing to experience these symptoms when you eat gluten- containing foods can mean your gut weakens over time leading to poor absorption of nutrients resulting such as a link to bowel cancers and other gut conditions," dr vidgen says coeliac disease is one of australia's most under recognised medical cases in australia undiagnosed australia's annual coeliac awareness down the estimated 80 per cent of australians who don't know they are living with the illness recognised treatment and proper coeliac australia has an online self-assessment tool for those who think they may be at risk from why aflw star kate mccarthy almost never played the game immunity ways to be your healthiest self flu fighter getting vaccinated is more important than ever it's also one of australia's most under recognised medical conditions with the vast majority of cases in australia undiagnosed coeliac sufferers jake and olivia turner follow a gluten-free diet tune into wellness tv exte01 zoicn-vo