Chemist Warehouse Catalogue - 26/05-08/06/2022 (Page 39)

$4.96 off rrp+ 900ppm fluoride that provides extra protection for teeth and helps neutralise acid challenges and other sources ⓡ stop paying too much!! chemist dental health warehouse buy any 2 get the 3rd free! thoughtfully designed for effective reach from tooth mousse plus mousse mousse reach reach waxed cog laserne gc tooth mousse plus 40g assorted flavours reach access reach oral care range free item must be of equal or lesser value than the purchased items new! healthy break white glo off $30.00 off rrp+ brp white glo advanced whitening red & blue light kit oral-b each vitality $6.26 off rrp oral-b vitality oral-b precision desioner unite tooth toner whitening strips #1 power brush rendon gam co brand used by australian dentists better than 1₂3 money matty ball designer white tooth toner whitening strips 28 pack price off rrp or toothpaste toner purple 75ml oral-b vitality power toothbrush range assorted variants colgate® tky pod supports teeth enamel health red seal toothpaste assorted variants ^excludes whitening colgate sensitive original favas any 2 for whitening aim aim 2pk aim air aim 2pk colgate sensitive freshm aim multi prote ain aim 3pk colgate toothpaste sensitive whitening or multi protection 110g price value aim pack loff rrp always read the label and follow the directions for use aim toothpaste value 3 pack assorted variants listerine $5.00 off rrp+ made in so super australia yum! tooth sparkles kills 99% of bad breath germs new! listerine mouthwash teeth defence or total care value pack 1 litre + 500ml $3.50 off rrp+ $2.01 off rrp $3.01 off rrp $2.30 off rrp+ virasolve' zovirax dermal™ zovirax therapy cold sore cream cold sore lysine gel cold sore treatment cold sore treatment for the relief of the symptoms of triple aution relief triple action cold sores and fever blisters cold sore treatment tror cold sores action relief zovirax virasolve cold sore cream 5g zovirax zovirax cold sore treatment cream tube or pump 2g always read the label and follow the directions for use dermal therapy cold sore lysine+ gel 5g free app out now! script reminders health info always read the label and follow the directions for use $19.51 off rrp+ $2.56 off rrp tooth toner any 2 for cold sore treatment oral-b [email protected] warehouse prices!! $4.26 off rrp+ ees each pro probiotic probiotic prob toothpaste advanced whitening with dental-lac off the henry blooms probiotic toothpaste peppermint or whitening 100g $12.49 off rrp $17.49 off rrp while accelera ite boost rice off rrp10 8 shades whiter white glo accelerator blue light toothbrush or teeth whitening system vitality each as seen on tv jo silvagni brand ambassador $4.49 off rrp each alfree alfree alfree free free free free imo in $4.10 off rrp+ cepacol cepacol helps reduce dental plaque cepacol mouthwash mint or original 500ml always read the label and follow the directions for use buy any 2 get the 3rd free! from blistex blistex blist $3.99 lip blistex lip care range ^free item must be of equal or lesser than the purchased items $6.00 off rrp+ each listerine listerine list value uste value pack nivea any 2 for melt melt-u melt-in hotline hydro repair & protection original ca with natural sils with natural oils with natural dile nivea lip balm range wellness shop online @ your fingertips $1.81 off rrp+ nivea nivea any 2 for burt's bees lip treatment lip treatment burt's bees lip scrub lip scrub burt's bees overnight intensive lip treatment or lip scrub 7.08g $1.80 off rrp+ oddi dermal lip balm 'each dermal lip balm dermal lip balm 5% off dermal therapy lip balm 10g assorted variants $2.60 off rrp+ each classic | carmex | carmex moisturi tough lips rrp carme carmex lip balm original 7.5g or tube 10g $1.56 off rrp+ each du new! qu'it tough lips efects du'it tough lips antioxidant lip balm 4.5g

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