Chinese New Year 2021 Sales in Australia

The Lunar New Year is such a colourful holiday like many others we notice. Chinese New Year shopping shows us heritage all over the globe. The day shows us the beauty of cultures and the festival of diversity. Many are unaware of the amazing Chinese New Year sales in Australia. With such an immense Asian population, this day is typically observed by many Australians, and sales are here to prove it!

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Chinese New Year in Australia

The Lunar New Year is meant to embody the birth of a new year by the lunar agenda. Many other cultures used their own chronology to mark holidays based on their own. This specific new year marks the start and end of different seasons. It is a day of honour to remember the present and hope for luck in the future. Be sure to think of this when shopping for Chinese New Year Australia deals.

When is Chinese New Year 2021?

The Lunar New Year is a different day each year due to seasons. However, it is on the same day by the lunar agenda. Here states an account of dates for years to come.

2019Tuesday, February 5th
2020Saturday, January 25th
2021Friday, February 12th
2022Tuesday, February 1st.

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