Coles Catalogue - 26/01-01/02/2022 (Page 2)

coles specials bulla new flavour natural crank limited edition home act chicken doritos only creamy cheese love choc haspelt save $1.88 was$3.75 save $4.25 was$8.50 chips 175g or smith's oven baked chips 130g bulla creamy classics 2 litre or sticks 4 pack 360ml lives huggies latte finish pants price quantum ultimate res we free match to our best huggie pants ette quantum ultimate finish save $9 was $18 save $18 was $36 huggies ultra dry bulk nappy pants finish quantum ultimate pro dishwashing 40% dental & clearance items whitening daily care daily care bonus masterchef knife credit total feccle sensodyne sensodyne colgate save $3.70 was $9.20 save $3.20 was $8 save $8.50 was$21 die sensodyne daily care toothpaste 110g colgate total advanced toothpaste 200g oral b precision clean refill head 3 pack check the coles app or click here for full opening hours