Coles Catalogue - 02/03-08/03/2022 (Page 7)

body care only coles price price price price king.c-gillette koi" brut original koi brut exfoliating bar soap finger lima & patchouli double edge safety razor ber original box by tape bath salts only coles glow lab коі boby tape ultra dry perspirant lemongrass s vetiver hand wash anti-bacterial oly kills 99.92 of germs deodorantan refreshing bar soap lomon myrtle & mango butter long lastino deodorant the original breast tape om de геа save $1.50 was$3 save $5 was$10 save $3.50 was$7 save $12 was $30 save $3.15 was$6.30 save $9 was $22 koi bar soaps 100g 2nd week on sale koi bath salts 500g 2nd week on sale glow lab hand wash 2nd week on sale king c gillette double edge safety razor 1 each $18.00 per each brut antiperspirant deodorant 245ml booby tape breast tape 5m $13.00 per each gillette our besterest razors ever new for a smooth long-lastino shave gillette sinsitive smooth long-lasting shave gillette fusion5 gillette fusions value pack othing months of shave save $3 was $6.50 save $7.50 was 18 gillette sensitive skin soothing gillette fusion 5 razor kit with save $18 was$45 gillette fusion 5 razor blades refill 8 pack $3.38 per each advertiser promotion

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