Coles Catalogue - 11/11-17/11/2020 (Page 4)

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the christmas entertaining workshop per bertocchi sopressa salami from the deli save $7kg was $339 serving suggestions only for eur car gouda viple cream brie mersey valley save $1.50 was $7 save $1.60 was $6.30 save $1.35 was$4.50 jindi camembert or triple cream brie south cape cheese wedge 200g or mersey valley cheese 180g red rock deli dip 150g shapes gumis ayrimis dola originals ritz shapes save $1 was $4 olive save 700 was$3.20 save $1 was $3 yumi's classic dip 200g arnott's shapes or jatz crackers ritz original crackers 300g