Coles Catalogue - 09/02-15/02/2021 (Page 6)

day ingredients range egg range egg whites self-raising flour fat greek-style yoghurt tsp bicarbonate of sodo rind 150g chopped rhubarb method sides with baking paper and maple syrup in a bowl for 5 mins or until the egg mixture is thick and firm peaks form until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean transfer to a wire rack and set aside for 10 mins to lemon and rhubarb yoghurt cake serves prep tine cookino time day ingredients 100g reduced-fat ricotta cheese wholemeal plain flour coarsely grated 95g can solmon in flaked flat-leaf parsley serve method and line the bases with baking paper and set an airtight container in the fridge day ingredients method 400g coles rspca separate the grains chicken breast fillets into thin wedges plate.thickly slice the capsicum chicken & zucchini top with quinoa salad chopped make this with wellness road australian serves prep time cookino time white quinoa 300g day ingredients method with baking paper bowl picked und quartered lengthways caramelised lemon wedges tahini-yoghurt sauce fat greek-style yoghurt roasted carrots with tahini-yoghurt sauce make this with wellness road organic dm cooking time hulled tahini 375g cheesy salmon frittatas serves preptine cooing time day ingredients halved reduced-fat milk seeds method apple with plastic wrap and reserve in the fridge spoon the mixture into 2 small serving jars or fridge for 1 hour or overnight or until the mixture is thick sliced apple and flaked coconut to serve foosted blueberry chia pots serves make this with wellness rood australian prep time cookino time white chia seeds 300g prep tine recipes created with the heart foundation heart foundation

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