Coles Catalogue - 21/04-27/04/2021 (Page 4)

coles 100's of prices down 100's of prices down this year and counting toasted original muesli slivered almonds pikelets down down was$3 down down was$4.30 down down was$3.50 coles pikelets 8 pack 200g coles slivered almonds 150g $25.67 per kg coles toasted original muesli 750g free range eggs tasty pure orane down down was$4.10 down down was$5.25 save 25€ down down was$7 coles australian free range eggs coles fresh juice 2 litre coles tasty cheese slices 500g $13.00 per kg vegetable spring rolls coles diced peaches salami sliced down down was $6.50 down down was$2.60 down down was $2.20 coles gluten free sliced salami coles frozen vegetable spring rolls coles fruit cup in syrup 4 pack 500g $4.17 per kg portions down down was $12 down down was$9kg save $1.50kg down down was$7.80kg save $2.30kg coles tasmanian salmon garlic & coles australian pork shoulder roast boneless coles rspca approved chicken portions with bbq rub

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