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let the glass take you there let the glass take you there suche guide to grenache veneron de l'encla shiraz grenack yalumba sample early fress barossa hem vinnacre australia houses some of the oldest grenache vines in the world which produce intensely flavoured red wines grenache is full of rich characters of region of rhone produces wine with herbal flavours such as lavender and oregano dames de bonpa ootes du rhône nat yalumba sc barossa bush vine grenache wolf blass makers' project shiraz grenache plan de dilc enclave des papes côtes du rhône bonpas côtes du rhône villages plan de dieu australia france try our tempranillo producto espa earthworks rioja aradon furo broer tempranillo excels in the northern usually medium bodied with contrasting flavours of leather and cherry blueberries with less earthy notes irioja thenillo tinto earthworks barossa tempranillo aradon rioja tar & roses tempranillo spain furo rioja australia these just plu de bortoli pepper woodfired beathcote share clare blockhead barossa buttery peppertack cardonnay discover something new tickle stre jam shed shiraz selaks taste collection buttery chardonnay pepperjack malbec or sangiovese de bortoli woodfired shiraz st hallett blockhead shiraz fickle mistress marlborough pinot noir