IGA Catalogue - 12/05-18/05/2021

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igr proudly supporting special olympics australia acontos community co we give back to local communities serves heady community co community co authentic butter chicken & cumin rice ceylan poe chien curry winche ce authentic chicken tikka & cumin rice tangy indian seked chicken any with chicken peces cum community co indian ready meals 350g selected varieties serving suggestion better buys every product with this ticket supports special olympics arnott's chocolate biscuits save from $2.40 lisseasti fresumes arnotts powerade powerade ion4 ion4 timtam original lynx antiperspirant or deodorant body spray 165ml selected varieties lynx powerade 600ml selected varieties $3.03 per litre arnott's mint slice fresh save from $4.20 better than save from $2.13 peters peters drumstick drumstic dolmio 6xmanis price dolmio | cecco bolognese extra boysen sta sauce berry swirl save from $2.01 extra pasta sauce dolmio pasta selected varieties save from $5.05 peters drumstick 4-6 pack selected varieties igr where the locals matter visit iga.com.au for more info