IGA Catalogue - 18/08-24/08/2021

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by purchasing these products you are giving back to your local community dessert sorted! better than family made with price connoisseur real fruit&care gourmet ice cream deliciously nannas apple pis mules & crist to perfection pie lon classic vanala aaraa connoisseur gourmet ice cream 1 litre selected varieties 55€ per om save from $6.60 nanna's family or snack selected varieties save from $1.15 serving suggestion big deal sanitarlum up & go 3x 250ml selected varieties $3.43 per litre sale save from $3.08 classic dionline up' up up ceaceae co better than sprite or fanta 1.25 litre selected varieties $1.26 per litre canery cadbury save from $1.93 price cadbury milk omind wheels perfect italiano perfect italiano grated cheese 450g selected varieties $15.33 per kg milk choc perfect pizza recheras marroa arnott's mint slice παιδια cadbury chocolate selected varieties save from $3 arnott's chocolate biscuits save from $2.40 save from $2.40 visit iga.com.au for more info