IGA Catalogue - 15/02-21/02/2023 (Page 2)

carnott's lemon crisp™ arnott's the original scotch finger multi-buy for save from $2.70 for save from $1.40 better buys abnost iga xpress arnott's scotch finger or cream biscuits selected varieties single sell $2.80 call nestlé medium bars or smarties selected varieties single sell $1.95 yoplait artificial biscuits nestle aer nestle kitkat kickas save moves multi-buy yoplait petit miam petitmiam yoghurt yoghurt with real fruit & the goodness of milk no artificial or preservatives single sell $1.10 with real fruit & the goodness of milk buy more proudly made yoplait petit miam yoghurt 70g selected varieties just say tasty cheese se baned in for more flavour encese on top you can't thins or cc's selected varieties single sell $3.80 mainland mainland on the heinz banana custard date & apricot go cheese & cheese artisan crackers made single sell $2.95 heinz baby food 120g selected varieties single sell $1.65 thins extre testy aged cheddar with artisan crackers for details of your nearest store and other great offers f like us igaaustralia original thin & crispy pelate chips crackers 36-38g selected varieties multi-buy for save from $3.10 mainland pod cheese artisan crackers date & apricot extra testy aged cheddar with artison crackers heinz vanilla custard better buys better buys for subscribe to receive the latest offers available at all stores