IGA Catalogue - 30/06-06/07/2021

where the community serves al forno angus beef meat balls with penne pma min communiter co al forno beef lasagne tec late mini community co italian ready meal 400g selected varieties better buys serving suggestion abs mlam arnotts since classic birds eye timtam original australian country harvest coca cola mixed vegetables carnotes save from $1.55 timtam deuble coat birds eye country harvest frozen vegetables 500g selected varieties $2.60 per kg genn better than selected varieties $2.06 per litre save from $16.70 save from $2.40 birds eye arnott's chocolate tim selected varieties country harvest snap frozen carrot cauuflower price cadbury ori supercoat gure adult country harvest twiri save from $1.30 ripe cadbury medium bars 30-60g selected varieties supercoat dry dog food 3kg selected varieties save from $6.25 visit iga.com.au for more info