IGA Catalogue - 25/05-31/05/2022 (Page 6)

stock the pantry iga xpress kellogg's kellogg's coco pops froot loops ocolate save from $2.20 the only jake crunchy! kellogg's coco pops or froot praise whole egg mayo gravox traditional gravox liquid gravy 165g selected varieties gravy value for gut health edgell corn value pack 4x125g selected varieties $7.50 per kg praise whole egg creamy mayo- better buys edgell corn kernels better buys save from 80c save from $2.55 save from $1.65 new l'or espresso coffee capsules 10 pack mac cheese classic ostra nescafe blend 43 bold nescafé blend 43 or gold instant new- 1.fl sun aluminium capsules lor espresso supremo comise machines commarvel com ca rice basmati rice better buys nescafe gold original pop 30% fruit drin kraft easy mac 4 pack selected varieties pop tops 6x250ml selected varieties save from $1.10 you'll find 100s of better buys at better prices right across the store family family size size meatin brown rice jast recent golden circle roy orange juice better buys sunrice microwavable rice family size 450g selected varieties golden circle juice 2 litre selected varieties $1.98 per litre save from $3.85 for fruit drin save from $1.35 fruit

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