IGA Catalogue - 27/05-02/06/2020 (Page 4)

great deals for you uncle tobys chewy lipton lipton laman choc chip only 599 sugar sagre fibre lipton ice tea 1.5 litre selected varieties $1.50 per litre save from $1.70 uncle tobys muesli bars save from $1.30 campbells campbella country ladle milky kitkat chunky irish stew style bar minestrone milk chocolate classic soup malencontre ictoria campbell's chunky or country ladle canned soup save from $1.50 nestlé chocolate blocks save from $1.05 dairy farmers dairy farmers thick & thick & creamy tield strawberry finish clevela rinse aid for orierg shinier dishes dairy farmers thick & creamy yoghurt 150g selected varieties $1 per 100g save from 700 finish rinse aid 250ml save from $1.80 multi-buys thing oreo oriol original allen's allen's party mix doritos sales alive oreo original multi-buy multi-buy multi-buy selected varieties single sell $2.19 oreo cookies selected varieties single sell $1.15 thins or doritos corn chips single sell $2.80 save from $2 save from $2 save from $2 for details of your nearest store and other great offers like us iga australia subscribe to receive the latest offers

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