IGA Catalogue - 15/07-21/07/2020 (Page 3)

olm statatoasty this weer great deals for bha bwarene ano cutter cherry ripe amanda kirks pasito twirt chire heat beads museo twirt selected varieties $1.93 per litre save from $2.20 cadbury sharepacks selected varieties save from $1.50 heat beads bbq briquettes 4kg save from $3.20 mkenzie's soup mix nutella wenn coast tabasco sbrand per nutella hazelnut spread 400g save from 500 tabasco sauce 60ml selected varieties save from 60¢ 2mckenzie's soup mix 500g selected varieties save from 400 $2.60 per kg open custard pauls connoisseur sometice return custard four'n twenty perfect italiano ricotta neatsi perfect italiano ricotta cheese 250g $12 per kg connoisseur gourmet ice cream 1 litre selected varieties pauls vanilla custard 600g four'n twenty meat pies 4 pack selected varieties save from $1.30 save from 600 save from $3 save from $1,402 purchase any specially marked community chest product to help special olympics support aussies with intellectual disabilities in your community help create special moments that last a lifetime special olympics australia supported by jazz impulse iga were the bond marron sunsi rexona

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