IGA Catalogue - 15/06-21/06/2022 (Page 5)

iga xpress top up the snacks wiestory camini no sugar save from $2.75 roc sweet chilli & sour cream dell style potato chip course better buys enet 500g better buys ryvna red rock deli chips ryvita original rye crispbread oven baked with only 2 ingredients✔ source of fibre✔ ryvita rye crispbread 250g selected varieties pieces cadbury twirl cherry ripe chape cadbury selected varieties save from $2.70 arnott's family assorted arnott's family assorted biscuits 500g roc dell honey soy chicken das stipe potato chipe the lelent save from $1.55 ca-cola mini classic coca-cola mini 8x250ml selected varieties $4 per litre gatorade gatorade gatorade 600ml selected varieties $4.17 per litre tanfod cwrs allen's freckles choc buds save from $1.10 cane uncle tobys le snak 6 pack selected varieties nesca kitkat real cheese better buys nestlé medium bars 45g selected varieties allen's freckles 120g save from $1.05 single sell $1.25 you'll find 100s of better buys at better prices right across the store uncle tobys lesnak werther's original tasty cheese chewy toffees dip mid crackers court of calcras no artificial colours or flane werther's selected varieties save from $1.75 multi-buy save from $2.40 better buys

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