IGA Catalogue - 08/06-14/06/2022 (Page 2)

multi-buy best before imny snickers celebrating the original save from $3.30 smith's maj mars selected varieties single sell $2.80 and the best multi-buy for save from $2.40 the original smith's and the best cheese & onion dairy farmers thick & classic vanilla yoghurt net buy more heinz banana save custard better buys heinz simply baby food 120g selected varieties chris single sell $1.65 homestyle new multi-buy smooth hammus better buys chris homestyle dairy farmers for thick & save from $2.10 for classic vanilla dairy farmers thick & creamy yoghurt 150g selected varieties yoghurt chris' homestyle dips 200g selected varieties $1 per 100g single sell $1.75 taman single sell $4.15 australian owned or call for details of your nearest store and other great offers f like us igaaustralia subscribe to receive the latest offers iga xpress all stores net mars medium bars,twix or m&m's 35-56g selected varieties single sell $1.25 120g afione net noo heinz creating food explorers little treats vanilla custard based australif tzatziki dip & spread gluten free €200g vegetar & made