IGA Catalogue - 21/10-27/10/2020 (Page 4)

great deals for you improved recipe steggles sirena tuna springwater chicken breast tenders crumbed sirena tuna oil - italian style steggles chicken tenders 400g selected varieties $12.50 per kg save from $4.90 sirena tuna 95g selected varieties $21.05 per kg save from 950 bic with pure tuna whitemeat dine palmolive celial desire palmolive with tuna filos in a seafood sauce dine desire palmolive liquid handwash 250ml selected varieties save from $1.10 bic mega save from $2.70 dine desire wet cat food 85g selected varieties save from 700 lighter 1 pack multi-buys iltkat zoosh sour cream & chives kan tong pringles pringles milk chocolate sweet & sour original sour milky bar kantong sweet & sour classic zoosh french onion multi-buy multi-buy multi-buy multi-buy wrench tor zoosh dip 185g selected varieties single sell $2.50 save from $1.50 kan tong cooking selected varieties single sell $2.70 pringles chips 134g selected varieties single sell $2.20 nestlé chocolate selected varieties single sell $3.50 save from $2.30 save from $4.80 save from $4.50 like us iga australia subscribe to receive the latest offers for details of your nearest store and other great offers

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