Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 03/11-14/11/2021 (Page 6)

Products in this catalogue

save on workbench essentials now save $10 3x desktop magnifier with leds compact and provides powerful magnification super pro lcd now now best seller non-cfc non-flammable non-toxic & non-conductive servisol save $20 portasol super pro gas soldering iron kit save $20 inspection camera save $4.90 air duster spray can - 250g air brush nir duster pressurer west late electro excellent for inspecting or locating optical devices without leaving any residue etwas get in early for christmas get it on google play available on the app store friends game on 720p camera with first person view only only retro arcade game console games built-in wi-fi remote control drone speaker smartphone not included new low price race your mates only only save $9.90 smart frilled lizard kit it can be set to follow you or scamper away after spreading air power engine car kit remote control car in a shell keep tabs on the weather owth now from now from save $20 wireless weather stations save $20 rock crawlers with sideways drift omni- directional wheels

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