Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 23/06-30/09/2022 (Page 286)

ios & android programming book ip cameras concord nextech standalone with app swann video doorbell ip rated axial fans led floodlights mains connector box sealed enclosures video doorphone audio connector connectors multi-pole connectors accessories bluetooth pa speaker bluetooth receiver brackets sync lead pv connectors usb connectors chargers in-car charger in-car holder lightning leads repair kit speakers tool kit wireless ipx8 waterproof cases door beams extender - foxtel compatible headphones remote controls repeater thermometer ir door beams irons - soldering isolated stepdown transformers jacob's ladder kit jewellers screwdrivers jiffy boxes joiners belling lee cable coax cannon rca nca sma toslink "jow" cable clamp connectors jumbo thermometers jump start cables jump starters compact heavy duty jumper kit for arduino lead kit shunts junction boxes - mains kapton® style polyimide tape kevlar coaxial speakers key switches keyboard computer wireless & touchpad keyboard & mouse set keyless entry for cars keypad arduino rfid security switch matrix keyring laser pointer screwdriver torches keystone plates kits arduino startup audio clock making educational household kids alternative energy power radio raspberry pi startup robotics sci-fi test & measure knife artwork multi-function survival knobs krypton globes к-туре thermocouples kynar wire laboratory dso keypad light meter magnifiers microscopes power supplies thermometers therm variac weighing scales lacquer - pcb protection lamp desk magnifying lan cables dmm tester lantern battery camping laptop power supplies car laser ir gun gadget light show measure pointer presentation controller lcd calipers panel meters screen cleaner tft monitors tv brackets ldrs lead acid batteries acid battery chargers acid battery conditioner free solder free solder station leads antenna audio audio cigarette lighter computer comp fibre optic guitar maine mains microphone multimeter scart telephone test video learning remote controls learn to solder 3d traffic lights riding santa xmas tree jaycar.com.au learning kits arduino game duinoboy raspberry pi led bar graphs beanie head lamp bezels car globes caravan lights desk lamp segment segment floodlights g4 lamp replacements globes head torch heatsink high power holders module- arduino mounting hardware mr11 lamp replacements packs panels meters power supplies spotlights for strip lighting strips flexible strobe lights t5 & t10 replacements tester torches work lights leds night led solar switches lighting 12vdc cabinet car driving lights electroluminescence g4 led replacement halogen led replacement incandescent globes mr11 lamp replacements par stage lighting rectangular colour cycling flashing infrared matrix array rgb pcb mount smd tower type ultra bright lg television remote control light dependent resistors globes meter party solar stage stand surveillance t5 & t10 replacements transformers lightning adaptors lights camping caravan flood lights 12vdc liquid electrical tape lithium battery deep cycle sla replacement power banks rechargeable single use lilliput globes line filters lithium iron phosphate batteries littelfuse high current fuses locking headers long nose pliers loom tube loom wrap loud hailer lpg gas level monitor lubricants lug crimping tool lugs - crimp lux meter m.2 m6 rack mounting hardware machine pin ic sockets magnetic base antennas base emergency lights base vehicle strobe earpiece in-car phone holders pickup tool screened speakers strip tape work mat magnetiser magnets magnifying glasses lamps lamps lenses cable circuit breakers double adaptors earth leakage tester extension cords fans filters insulation material junction boxes mounting blocks piggyback extension cords plugs & sockets power boards power leads power meter power point remote control smart plug surface socket switches terminal blocks timer transformers makeblock neuron maono marine agm deep cycle battery battery chargers battery isolator kit cables cigarette plugs distress led light horn speaker led lights led strip lights power cable radios speakers spot lights switch panel tv antennas vhf transceivers waterproof connectors masthead amplifiers amplifiers replacement power supply mat magnetic mouse matrix board bb7 pins & sockets mean well mechanical lube mechatronics media player 4k uhd android mounting bracket megaphone memory card reader cards mercury switches mes globes & holders metal detectors film resistors oxide varistors spacers metallised polypropylene capacitors meter dc power digital multimeter light measurement mains power multimeters panel sound level speaker polarity checker mhl converter mica washers mice computer microcontrollers microphone cable deal desk stand can gooseneck holder holder inserts leads mixer plugs stand usb streaming wireless systems microphones balanced cardioid computer electret inserts multimedia personal pa radio headset tie clasp uhf wireless unidirectional usb streaming microscopes microswitches midrange speakers mini blade fuses buzzers coil pack digital thermometers pc board - raspberry pi public address system screwdriver set tap & die set toggle switches uhf connectors usb hub xlr type connectors mirror bathroom hdmi wi-fi dongle inspection missile switch cover mixers audio mkt capacitors adaptor sma mobile device chargers modem adsl2+ leads b176 modified sine wave inverters modular crimp tools wall sockets modulator fm description index modules wireless pre-built programmable timer moisture level meter repellent molex type connectors monitor brackets desk mount brackets - wall mount extension lead surveillance vehicle monolithic capacitors mosfets mosquito zapper trap motherboard batteries gearbox sets motor speed controller motors dynamo general servos stepper mounting brackets - cctv reet mouse extension lead mat movement detector movs mp3 player speakers mppt charge controller mr11 led lamp replacements mu45 panel meters multimeter analogue case digital leads multi-tool multiturn trimpots mylar capacitors backup battery power connector power supply ups near field needle file set neon pigtail screwdriver network access point adaptors antennas cable cable tester ethernet- over-power extenders leads mesh power-over- ethernet switch tools video recorder wi-fi extender wireless neuron inventor kit neutrik connectors nextech communications antennas computer equipment surveillance and security uhf transceivers nibbling tool ni-cd batteries nichrome resistance wire night lights