Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 23/06-30/09/2022 (Page 12)

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3d printing 3d printers continued aquila easy diy 3d printer with large print area limited budget • resume printing • out-of-box assembled aluminum body filament auto feeding flexible print bed 4.3" colour screen specifications build volume maximum print speed filament platform layer resolution dimensions dual cooling fans sd memory card slot • heavy duty power 24vdc supply specifications build volume maximum print speed filament filament diameter interface dimensions extruders layer resolution layer thickness nozzle diameter extruder temperature bed temperature screen 4.3" colour lcd touchscreen over-sized bed screws for leveling the print bed carboloy silicon printing platform 0.4mm nozzle aperture creality dual filament 3d printer replacement nozzle teflon tube pipe joint cat aquila easy diy 3d printer creality 3d printer cr-x dual filament featuring a new print head design that channels two filament feeds through a single nozzle 0.2mm glass 0.2mm qty 1+ cat 0.1-0.5mm 4.3" colour touch microsd qty 1+ qty 3+ jaycar.com.au qty 3+ qty 6+ greality g#p creality hardcore electronics stem new opt stem