Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 23/06-30/09/2022 (Page 21)

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hardcore electronics soldering stations-240vac continued 60w esd safe soldering station with led display - 240vac temperature display • high temperature stability • led display specifications recommended use esd rated lead-free rated power temperature range operating voltage dimensions weight soldering station 60w spare pencil 0.5mm conical tip 2mm conical tip 3mm bevel tip also gives coloured emperature specially plated-thru dering iron ture hobby yes yes digital probes 1.5kg ptab 430 cat professional or serious hobbyist tapenatinl qty 1+ qty 3+ ptf6-315" spare tips for the wtcpn iron screwdriver 2mm tip double flat all prices are in australian dollars long screwdriver-1mm ptkb-315*** conical flat 1mm cat ts-1352 cat ts-1364 cat ts-1350 year warranty qty 6+ mice this great ne lot more high effic iron clad cat ts-155 this solderi plated and cat ts- 155 this australia assembly wi yoyrs of soldering stations 65w esd safe anti-static soldering station with led display - 240vac soldering stations stability and anti-static characteristics sensor provides precise tip-temperature information to the heater controller which maintains the selected heat setting with a high degree of accuracy the tip fits snugly over the heater element providing fast heat transfer and tip temperature recovery during heavy soldering 0.5mm tip supplied calibration control and display changeover switch to display either the accidental temperature change but allows for easy access when required goot specifications recommended use esd rated lead-free rated power temperature range dimensions soldering station 65w replacement sponge 0.2mm conical tip 0.5mm conical tip weller part pta6 cat °℃ yes yes digital spare parts for discontinued soldering stations cat accessories for ts1513 spare desoldering gun spare ceramic heater spare black plastic cap qty 1+ qty 1+ cat qty 1+ qty 3+ qty 3+ qty 3+ made in year warranty qty 6+ qty 6+ qty 6+