JB Hi-Fi Catalogue - 08/12-12/12/2021 (Page 3)

prices crunched on audio! bluetooth bluetooth sony ultimate ears off off ticket 124 $98ea $99ea $31 off wonderboom 2 portable bluetooth speaker • up to 13 hours of play time $30 off wf-c500 true wireless in-ear headphones off jom jom sony marley bluetooth bluetooth bluetooth already there on-ear wireless headphones • up to 24 hour play time bluetooth positive vibration xl anc over-ear wireless headphones • up to 24 hours playtime off off ticket -24 ticket 49.45 ticket 46.45 wi-c310 ticket 129 wireless in-ear headphones colours will vary live free true wireless $70 off by store headphones • 6 hour playtime + 48 hours charging soundlink® micro bluetooth speaker unmatched bass performance ultimate ears bluetooth monster off bose ticket -!49 portable bluetooth speaker more colours will vary by store ticket 244 ticket 394 off off $20 offa $50 off $30 off adventurer max boombox stadium usb marley xco bluetooth off xco off studio usb microphone kit • includes usb microphone ticket249 ticket 249 ticket +488 bluetooth karaoke trolley with bluetooth cd+g • 2 x microphones off $70 off get together mini 2 portable bluetooth speaker bluetooth bluetooth off suitcase turntable off off bluetooth turntable turntables! 30% offa flea ticket 269 ticket 129 ticket 179 off si off bluetooth turntable off sol republic soundtrack of life headphones!

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