My Chemist Catalogue - 23/02-15/03/2023 (Page 4)

my dental discounted $5.49 off rrp price off rrp home colgate toothpaste sensitive pro-relief repair & prevent or multi protection 110g oral-b fluoride toothpaste oral-b fluoride toothpaste $1.00 off rrp! steradent denture cleansing tablets sulfo removes express active plus 99.9% of bactena dermal therapy lip balm original bamboo ultra moisturising anti-cavity whitening freshness for anti-cavity whitening freshness extra strength whitening original colour of bacteria bulk pack bulk pack 48 steradent denture cleansing tablets express active plus or extra strength whitening 48 tablets lip balm mint dermal fresh mint steradent plaque absolute bamboo toothbrush adult or kids fresh mint $1.00 off rrp dermal therapy lip balm 10g assorted variants wow fantastic dermal lip balm berry colgate colgate® tooth sparkles fred tooth cleaning calc umigmews sensitive pro-rellet repair & prevent blistex conditioner sensitive pro-relief multi protection star bistry buy any oral-b product to help children with duchenne and be donated towards save our sons duchenne foundation' jack n' jill tooth sparkles oral-b save our sons duchenne foundation wow $39.99 off rrp! $8.00 off rrp supports healthy teeth always read the label and follow the directions for use gold or 10 7 series black 30% off rrp blis intensive repair repair & relieve buy any 2 get the 3rd free thoughtfully designed for effective reach great spf 30 broad spectrum high protection sunscreen blistex lip conditioner spf 30* or intensive repair spf 15 7g pot hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun prolonged sun exposure should be avoided reapply frequently reach waxed shred resistant flossar thre access flosser makes flossing reach as easy as brushing reach oral care range "free item must be of equal or lesser value than the two purchased items $9.01 off rrp $184.⁹9⁹ oral-b price will be donated to save our sons duchenne chapstick strawberry balm deppany reach dentotape extra wide cleaning surface spf 15 broad spectrum medium protection sunscreen paw patrol or peppa pig flashing toothbrush soft 3+ years bakte chap stick classic balm chap stick great reach reach amazing chapstick conditioner dental floss pick cleans ways listerine total care biotène dry mouth relief mouthwash firefly listerine value pack listerine mouthwash total care or teeth defence value pack 1 litre + 500ml sands lip balm spf 50+ sweet vanilla tundgreth lip care somes from yenisul listerine teeth defence usterine biotène dry mouth relief mouthwash 470ml oralbalance moisturising gel 42g or toothpaste original fresh mint 120g chapstick lip balm range read the off eyewear when prolonged sun exposure should be avoided reapply frequently protecte off 35% rrp biotène dry mouth relief oraibalance bondi biotène dry mouth reli paw patrol toothpaste 75ml sands up to $5.16 off rrp baut shark firefly lip balm spf 50+ juicy watermelon sunscreen any moisturising gel for $2.00 off rrp+ ondi sarkis lip balm spf 50+ toasted coconut bondi sands spf50+ lip balm range balm