My Pet Warehouse Catalogue - 24/02-29/03/2020 (Page 14)

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my et small animal essentials 15% off pet one small animal grooming range 20% off back-2-nature small animal bedding & litter 20l easy pet one pet one easy open consider your carbon paw print cat & small animal consider your carbon paw print cat & small animal pin brush coat maintenance outstanding odour contre outstanding odour control back-2-natul small anir back-2-nature chemis • uniqu • vir small animal bedding & litter • chemical and additive-free • unique formulation • made from recycled paper • virtually dust-free • highly absorbent litres recycled paper product environmentally friendly bird essentials bird essentials i bird essentials i bird essentials off off interactive τα jungleta jungletalk cia farm eta farm evetafarm eta farm no vale calcium low vality activity 3.4f.ce jungletalk vetafarm bird healthcare varieties slide n spin bird health check new checking your bird's health regularly is a key step in ensuring good welfare & preventing disease birds are not immune to internal parasites like worms jungle talk bird toys range shop in store - online - click & collect