Officeworks - Holiday 2020 Catalogue - 26/11-26/12/2020 (Page 5)

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istudymate istudymat blue stick glue stick faber castell large eraser sstudymate •pvc and latex free also available in small studymate eraser pvc-free blue or glue stick 35g also available in 8g or 219 studymate dries clear connector pens fal1150ap faber-castell sortable for traiting fofer and drafting super colouring markers sகனாக texta triangular coloured pencils smtripcl12 studymate noris coloured pencils noris twistable crayons staedtler coloured markers smmark24 studymate nwww texta fsc ny orite pefc 99¢ compass with pencil c180 degree protractor 10cm also available in 15cm studymate studymate also available in studymate studymate also available in 1 hole studymate seper fsc $488 art smocks musical recorder maths set in tin studymate large rasoplast erasers also available staedtler in single staedtler 1ea kodink rasplanterar • locking lid prevents spillage also available in 1 hole • includes carry cose and finger position chart kdxfows1 studymate mother molek sete staedtler new everyday price $848 mul headsets $1169 australian mini naplan workbooks dictionary 5th edition until 13,30 le mutokarton verbatim oxford 16gb usb 2.0 flash drives available in 8 titles on tume money numeracy or literacy moths sight reading veitim australian mini oxford dictionary writing and numeracy • includes practise naplan test pages complet ylar naplan verhuim oxford parents saved on average more than 20% on their school list prices when shopping with officeworks last year click here to start saving "while stocks last

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