Officeworks Catalogue - 16/07-29/07/2020 (Page 9)

keji keji keji போனா 9x 7" 48 page 55gsm exercise book exbox748 keji smpeba 296 smpbbade studymate apete a464 page 55gsm binder book binbka454 keji a4 120 page spiral notebook value120p keji mega monster scrapbook megamonsta studymate mega monster page a4 binder book page a4 bridar bock 9x7 exercise book a4 exercu bock a4 spiral notebook fsc 1er fsc 39€ a4 2 d-ring 25mm binders holds up to 80gsm paper kemrb422be keji a45 tab manilla dividers kestmwe keji a4 button document wallets holds up to 80gsm paper kebdocwabe keji a4 20 pocket clear display book fixed pockets nbdbfx20cr a4 clear clipboard hold up to 80gsm paper keplaacbcr keji keji fsc essentials for everyday learning soft grip cristal original ballpoint pens writes for over 2km also available in black or blue bic ballpoint pens • retractable also available in black or blue papermates frixion ball fine erasable gel pens erase mistakes then instantly write over them pilot highlighters chisel tip quick-dryingink also available in 4 pack jbhy2546as j.burrows whiteboard markers also available in 4 pack smby2296as studymate and creative drawing artline 200 available in up to 24 colours artline graphite pencils hb • perfect for writing drawing and sketching also available in 2b st110hbbx3 staedtler coloured pencils also available in 24 or 36 pack staedtler connector pens faber castell a4 visual art diary also available in a5 or a3 studymate faber-castell helles pefc fsc pefc new blue or glue true stick 35g naudymate study fx-82au plus ii 2nd edition scientific calculator cafx82n02 casio also available in 1 hole studymate small eraser also available in large studymate blue stick glue stick also available in 8g or 219 studymate studyante name pencil cases large includes letter sheet also available in small smsm8c6 smsmoti smsmolpk studymate abc eraser pvc- for par dries clear colours and designs may vary by store

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