Supercheap Auto Catalogue - 23/10-03/11/2019 (Page 2)

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pressure wash with polar for enhanced performance blast off wash away seal in auto glym avt aul polar seal polar blast polar wash orcats your time to shine off off off save $10 each each 2.5l polar blast foaming wash the rich thick foam prevents the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to gently loosen dirt each save $15 2.5l polar wash works in conjunction deeper dean 1l polar seal wax gloss finish save $15 auto aute glyn wheel cleanino mousse wheel notector magma joff off each each each 500ml wheel cleaner mousse contours of your wheel ensuring total coverage colour transform technology indicates when the wheel is ready to be agitated 500ml magma paint decontamination spray easy to use ph neutral iron fallout remover spray for use on vehicle bodywork & highlights iron particles bonded on surfaces 236g wheel protectant which drastically reduces brake on application save $8 save $9 save $7 glass polish aulu autio glym vinyle rubber glass wax off each eacn kit 500ml vinyl & rubber protectant conditions & protects interior & tough anti-static barrier against & fading save $5 fast glass cleaner quickly removes road grime finish on glass & plastic ultra high definition wax kit & durability save $4 save $30 supercheap auto pay your way afterpaya? payment options available

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