Supercheap Auto Catalogue - 23/10-03/11/2019 (Page 4)

turtle turtle wax scratch test first on an inconspicuous area repair & renew 207ml scratch repair & renew repair years of damage in one easy use! the only scratch technology that won't wash off! permanently removes light to with precision platelets heal & seal technology arsonrats safetmesrates repairs years of damage n 1 use lightly with a microfibre towel amung fu zelerde off your time to shine each for more info check out our online video save $6 before 473ml hybrid seal 'n' shine super hydrophobic formula for superior water beading & repellency deep glossy shine 473ml hybrid black polish black pigment fills light scratches & swirl marks deepens paint reflectivity & enhances colour for lasting protection new! turtle off off max-power car mulish off seal shine pact polish 2.95l max-power car wash moderate 100ml- removes dirt & grime aggressive 200ml - xtreme 300ml bat & bird droppings each each each save $7 save $6 save $6 after polishivs como 680ml wheel & tire cleaner safe for all oem & aftermarket automotive wheels & tyres non-acid formula tyre shine treatments $9.99 save $5 oro 500ml clearvue glass cleaner professional strength formula for use on surfaces rubbing compound turtle tire shia rurale turg et 'n black vat off off off joff wheel & tire clearvue bass cleaner reef 298g polishing or rubbing compound polishing compound like-new appearance rubbing compound stains & heavy oxidation to each from each eagh save $2 save $5 save $8 save $3 500ml color magic polish cleaning the paint surface 510g power out upholstery cleaner oxygenated cleaners for powerful stain removal works great on light & dark upholstery multi buy 473ml renew bug & tar remover droppings & tree sap windscreen wash & wax concentrate low foaming for ultra clean finish super cheap auto tele turtle wer gute watformulig color magic off turnie off off sation bug&tar each cod eacn eacn save $5 save $8 save $9 save $898 supercheap auto click & collect 30 mins

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