Supercheap Auto Catalogue - 24/07-04/08/2019 (Page 4)

exclusive to multi buy australian multi buy auto export wash & wax safely removes dirt & grime to al finishes including clear coat washes per bottle australian australan 400g wet look tyre shine australian export export export wet look wet look tvde turtle turtle wet look tybel இப்படி tvre qlik keast quak & easy car wash & wax car wash off forts bre any z for save $798 se net as het se net save $497 check out our online video sca armoral olack dry jumbo chamois 300g polishes & waxes available in polish compound cream 300ml interior protectants available in low shine or original guards against uv damage git pound dog cheabi turile arma protectant star protectant praha off off off petrol synthetic jumbo chamois chamois glides easily over streak free finish atit eagn headlight restoration kit lens clarifying compound removes surface discolouration 3 multi-stage wet restoration pads focus on deeper discolouration each eagn save $350 save $10" save $370 save $470 multi buy multi buy alcal bekels multi buy bupci net arc willrus unus cillus ernst eporte trvorelos off off dupli-color 150g touch up paint & top coat dear to enable you to refinish minor chips scratches & scuffs through to larger repair jobs any 2 for wattyl 300g killrust enamel specifically designed for no primer required for new or lightly rusted surfaces epoxy gloss enamel any 2 for dupli-color 311g metalcast paint durable enamel finish that both interior & exterior accessories each dupli-color custom wrap aerosols the look of your vehicle resists the wear & tear of peel technology save $2198 any 2 for save $1150 save $798 save $1198 50% off multi buy sca npt bhp caution etch primer filler glos prime general purpose thinner primer gloss white lack dpse car filler olo off off any 2 for eagh eagh septone aerosol primers & acrylic lacquers septone's fast drying range of acrylic paints are perfect for small touch-ups & repairs septone 500g car filler for small dents & rust outs save $5 make you can trust purpose thinner suitable for thinning most single spray equipment & paint brushes save $14 save $898 supercheap products with this icon have a great video on our website to watch & learn more about it auto

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