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real talk with bridget totterman your shot at helping to avoid the flu st this winter to help stay healthy most of us have experienced the dreaded flu contagious - spreading quickly from person to vulnerable or at higher risk of complications one of the most common questions we are asked as pharmacists is why get a flu out of 10 healthy adults under 65* you cannot get the flu from being vaccinated* vaccination helps protect against the most recent and common circulating strains • a person's immune protection from the influenza vaccination declines over time so annual vaccinations are recommended • getting vaccinated is believed to reduce the severity of flu symptoms if you do catch it* we do have the opportunity to help protect vaccination book a flu vaccination today at your local terrywhite chemmart or online at unavailable get vaccinated - the flu is highly contagious and the strain evolves season mouth and eyes viruses are between times smaller than bacteria and only visible through a microscope bridget totterman pharmacist terrywhite chemmart vaccine-australia-2021 vaccination-faqs.aspx#bookmark2

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