Terry White Catalogue - 10/09-29/09/2020 (Page 4)

bmi healthy bmi? determine whether you are in a healthy useful to consider this alongside waist by measuring the amount of fat carried measurement but only an estimate - it how can an unhealthy lifestyle affect you? an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can be • weight gain depression or stress • tooth decay relationship challenges • sleep difficulties eating disorders illness joint and skeletal problems australian adults are overweight or obese* taking care of your health with terry white chemmart could get you closer to your next holiday gove looking and feeling good has a lot to do with food and lifestyle habits simply join terry white chemmart rewards and link your qantas spend $30 in-store within your first 90 days.* are what you eat start earning qantas points today eating foods packed full of health benefits may contribute to a healthy healthy options you might consider ✓ fresh fruit ✓ vegetable sticks with hummus ✓ fresh or tinned fish ✓ raw or roasted nuts ✓ low-fat dairy alternatives ✓ water - aim to drink 1.5-2l frequent flyer