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→ samsung click products for more information samsung smart infinity qled tv • infinity display • 8k resolution new raise the bar samsung set to introduce us to a new standard when it comes to televisions enhance your viewing experience samsung smart qled tv direct full array • 200hz motion rate qabsqbotawxxy samsung 75" 4k uhd smart qled tv • direct full array • object tracking sound qa75q95tawxxy new add to cart to add to cart samsung smart qled tv • intelligent mode • ambient mode+ qatsq otawxxy future is 8k technology relies so much on brightness and easy to get with a direct fully array backlight the tv is much better able to regulate the amount of light anywhere in the can have a much larger tv or squeeze whites white without any bleeding in an extra row of seats in the "front between them stalls" during movie night without compromising anyone's viewing smart features although there is not a lot of 8k picture-in-picture is a feature that got content will be created like magic back then gamers planning on upgrading to the but with many of us now looking at xbox series x or the playstation 5 later our phones while watching tv or playing anything you watch on them ideal for games and sports 8k tv will look better screen to the side even without a lot of native 8k of whatever you thanks to al upscaling anything you watch on these incredibly are watching beautiful tvs will simply look better this allows you requires you to stare at the much oled many tvs in the new samsung range to a regular led display in that it uses to use your tv to control the other smart nanoparticles to make the colour and the flagship tvs also come with just brightness much better screens even brighter than oled qled tvs are therefore better suited into the box handily hidden in your tv remote controls not only your tv but and display hdr better because that almost any device you might plug into it add to cart samsung • ambient mode • quantum dot technology new wadd to cart benefits of samsung → more smart features and assistant options than ever before → airplay and chromecast for household with both iphones and androids → multi view viewing so you don't miss a thing while multi-tasking → qled lets you watch tv comfortably on