Woolworths Catalogue - 07/12-13/12/2022 (Page 2)

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award- winning great price last sati canstar blue ulight australian raspberries 125g punnet $32 per kg save royal tasmanian fine food awards silver medal gippsland dairy twist yogurt 720g save finish ultimate pro dishwasher tablets lemon pk 32 or 0% pk 34 price gippsland boysenberry twist yogurt finish real ultimate ph while stocks specials woolworths half leg ham price libra half leg leg ham save cobram estate extra virgin olive oil 750ml save $4 kg ^see page 17 for details libra girl cobram ever extra virgin same price or less ultra thin than christmas 21 libra australian pork grown off thawed giant australian cooked tiger prawns australian seafood libra liner the fresh food people contents click on the tabs to take you where you want to go fruit & veg meat & seafood bakery deli fridge specials freezer specials pantry health & beauty household cleaning for your pet bws