Woolworths Catalogue - 07/12-13/12/2022 (Page 4)

we've dropped the prices on a range of christmas favourites - and they'll stay dropped for the entire season prices dropped $5 for christmas range was $3.20 masterfoods tomato or barbecue sauce was $3.95 mckenzie's bi-carb soda 1 kg master food tomato master foods barbecue sauce made in austral mckenzie's bi-carb soda baking soda ty net proudly packed in australia "free was $7.50 was $2.50 mountain dew soft drink varieties 1.25 litre $1.20 per litre was $18 woolworths cashews roasted or roasted & salted 750g pack and imported products $16 per kg was $6 well & good chocolate fudge brownie or chocolate chip cookie gluten free mix 400g max roasted & salted 750g cashews yum the original smith's party size always gluten free well& good health star rating chocolate chip cookie mix original varry was $12.50 mcguigan alcohol free wine 750ml $13.33 per litre was $19 hans grazing platter 292g $58.22 per kg was $7 doritos pico organic chocolate 80g health food aisle cheese supreme party size work mcguigan zero shiraz twing blse? be bold reach 380gnet 80gel mcguigan zero luft sauvignon blanc hans grazing platter mald danc ✓will twiggy bl ✓cotonnise ✔water crackers tally cheese cake pico vegan organi $560 hazelnut 49% cons creamy harelmat m'k chocolate with crunchy haples