Woolworths HOLIDAYS 2021 Catalogue - 01/12-07/12/2021 (Page 2)

contents click on the tabs to take you where you want to go fruit & veg meat & seafood save price philadelphia cream cheese block 250g bakery $9.40 per kg deli for full recipe > original philadelphia fresh creamy taste no-bake white christmas & cherry cheesecake fridge specials freezer specials off save 12 hand wash price maybelline jimo braser price refill pantry thankyou glow lab the city mini palette hinner and hand nash hinterland ice cream tubs the freezer health & beauty #see page 39 for details see page 43 for details household save save price price save $3.10 cleaning kbs spiced or lemon lime & bitters zooper dooper emi prawn hargow zooper dooper kb's prawn gyoza or hargow 1 kg freezer for your pet bws the fresh food people

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