Woolworths Catalogue - 10/08-16/08/2022 (Page 3)

save gatorade sports drink 600ml $3.08 per litre plumrose no sugar save intorad save $3.50 continental stock plumrose leg ham 200g $17.50 per kg seren leg ham gatorade real continental superb stock chicken save raw c coconut water 1 litre $2.50 per litre save connoisseur ice cream sticks save patak's curry pure natural coconut water straight up ne ded sugar #rawsome connoisseur gourmet ice cream salted caramel & macadamia patak's pataks original korma paste spices expertly blend save hubbards muesli clusters or granola 450g save birds eye ocean selections barramundi korean bbq or barramundi herb salsa portions freezer $20 per kg save riviana basmati rice 5 kg hubbards amazing toasted granola cocoa & coconuts low gi& packed full of fibre wholegrain cas with cocoa coconut inf duny 5kg birds eye rivians ocean selections barramundi skg net dahistan basmati long grain rice say sons chanel polished pack pakistan basmati