Avon Flyer - 07/01-07/31/2020 (Page 158)

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clean team introducing powerful cleaning solutions that leave your whole house and more fresh and clean! multipurpose powerful grime fighter! no scrubbing needed! new • homestar rangehood and kitchen degreaser* double-solvent solution blend for hard-to-remove grease stains on range grills and more! just spray and watch foaming bubbles go external oven use only new homestar multipurpose cleaner* power cleaner for the baking soda to remove stubborn water stains natural citrus scent for use on nonporous surfaces only homestar homestar rangehood & kitchen degreaser multi purpose cleaner multi purpose cleaner nettoyant multiusage costo en degelaser pour cjsne etheate shoes dracht multipurposer drama and precautions

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