BMR Flyer - 04/24-09/30/2020 (Page 22)

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classic choices bursting with colour calibrachoa this flower is ideal for hanging as its foliage and flowers cascade to behold osteospermum vibrant blooms out by its abundant flowering in a multitude of adding height to a rock garden or pot value size format écono get.obtenez 1122 wniwadd nadsl mvcoactive mycoactive premium potting mix jg mix premi promix terre pour mycoactive mycoactive pramix em mix premium potting mix with mycoactive technology this sphagnum peat-based mix is ideal for potting or release fertilizer contained in the mix fertilizes plants for up to 9 months premium potting mix terreal premium pour empotage premium potting mix terreau premium pour empotage promix professional growing medium professional-grade peat-based crop support all-purpose mix with mycorrhizae for rapid germination and sustained growth general rubrose bxv mycorrhizae promix mycorrhizae lreol general purpose usage general egatre yellow to red to pink and will be even more stunning if grown in quality soil

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