BMR Flyer - 04/15-09/28/2021 (Page 9)

seedlings | projects organic mycosi miracle gro seed starting soil for germination and rooting ideal for germination and propagating cullings transferring seedlings into bigger containers organic hiffy premium seed starting jiffy-mix terreau pour semis jiffy-mix supreme krokader no aux- dans seed starting கவன germination dos semences promix sports premium seed starinu nek teisiau paemrim pourses biologique planting schedule tomatoes cucumbers peppers corn lettuce carrots indoor sowing late march outdoor sowing mid-may indoor sowing mid-april outdoor sowing mid-may indoor sowing late march to mid-april outdoor planting early june indoor swing early may outdoor sowing late may outdoor planting early june outdoor planting early june outdoor sowing early may outdoor planting late may dates may vary oy region vydro stème culture hydroponic growing system for growing plants or seedlings to maturity fits 1 plant hydro neos de dentare hydroponic growing starter kit up to 5 days of self-watering fits 4 plants grow lights nekenzie cubelite lines capishore anger family activity it's never too early to learn how to plant and grow! a great way to get the kids involved!

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