Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/20-05/26/2021 (Page 3)

cal & gary's flat iron grilling steak cryovac sealed for maximum flavour and tenderness cut from canada aaa beel made fresh in-store only alberta beef foil wrapped potatoes product of usa green beans imported tres! ausset poultres eggplant product of usa made fresh in-store lamb leg cryovac nese cal & gary's garys fruit kabobs 400 baked bresh in-store johnsonville reape starters pret-a-a new johnsonville otom lotion cursd & pepper herm231 smiseks sadise au uso etichael jack hot dog or hamburger buns white or 60% whole wheat johnsonville dinner & ground sausage previously frozen グループの best valdomino ward- winni get sauced select varieties best from the west win cont from the west mak dab chemmis peach zrung des mit vitae lickor chimmis call once bow valley bbq sauce select varieties leer nie yes ind 5swerte able! stia vicky bigfoot total best che bold jerk from the west jas smak dab mustard 250ml or chimmi's sauz best best from the west from the ne west non pale local nes-alpes pale ale teutet nostrifostrid aids local sherehouse ghostriders smokehouse grill sauce village non-alcoholic beer best west

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