Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/20-05/26/2021 (Page 7)

founders farmers double tide honelle tide ole cottonelle founders & farmers ultra liquid dish soap 532ml select varieties tide laundry detegent pods cottonelle bath tissue double 12's select varieties mega pack mega format mega pack mega format temptations temptations bol tendenti kingsford the original kingsford original the des caledon farm dog treats kingsford charcoal cat treats household & pets health & beauty pro namel captai sensodyne brechen men pro namel head & shoulders hair care select varieties • old spice antiperspirant & deodorant collection 73-85g or secret • aluminum free sensodyne toothpaste 100ml or pronamel 75ml select varieties live clean hand soap select varieties perda alurays biore violes crush vio frizz ene crush biore carbon biore boré always beachblonde tampax facast john frieda shampoo & conditioner 250ml or styling select varieties biore cleansers strips 8 pack select varieties tampax tampons 18-20's or always liners 34-60's & • pads 14-22's select varieties ombra foam bath 500ml select • varieties & sizes baby & pharmacy organic puff bouffles pepcid compare reactine liquid gels reactine cerea trecth pepcid wines stors gerber organic purée select varieties gerber puffs & crunchies 42g or • arrowroot • biscuits 155g select varieties reactine allergy pepcid acid relief relief tabs • select varieties i varieties tyzenol aleve tylenou மைனாக vega protein protein vega simit voltaren sport protein proteins similac tylenol chewables www similac advance non-gmo powdered formula tylenol children's chewable tabs or infant drops • 24ml select varieties voltaren emulgel • extra strength • 100g or aleve 220mg tabs select varieties vega sport protein powder protein smoothie select varieties naturale naturale naturale keto keto dermal pur dermae pii pur whole body care select varieties & sizes good to go • snacks off • select varieties &sizes new pur select varieties & sizes off off natural goodness naturale natural natural natural | в usb aor aor ultimate omega patch patch ced ultimate omega patch nordic botanica functional foods tumeric lemonade or lion's mane iced tea 80g aor • advanced % naturals patch adhesive • bandages select varieties & sizes off ultimate omega off clean up & save save $2 off any car wash with a minimum 30l fuel fill wk 29-pg.7

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